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Our Sales Management Services

Outsource Sales and Business Development Team

On-demand Sales and Development Experts

Strategic support for Sales Management

Choice, Implementation and Optimization of your CRM

Management of Quotes and Deals Negociation

Development of Sales KPIs and Reporting

Recruitement and training of your sales team

Audiovisual Conference

Our Strategic Marketing Services

Develop Key Messages Targeted to your audience

Develop your Communication Strategy

Develop Sales Pitchs for your Business

Develop tailored Slides Decks and Communication supports

Reaching a Deal

Our Business Development Experts Services

Develop Your Business Development Plan

Manage Your Business Development  Unit

Build Qualified Clients, Investors and Prospects DataBases

Generate Leads & Business Opportunities

Manage Deals and Sales Processes

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Our Corporate Development Services

Manage Development of Innovations from Bench to Market

Support your Development Strategy

Develop Your Portfolio of Services and/or Products

Analyse Competitive Landscape 

Position Your Products and Services 

Support the Development of your Business Plan

Corporate and Business Development: Services
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