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Our Contract Management Services

Review and Negotiate Contracts

Review and Negotiate Agreements

Review and Negotiate Work Orders and Change Orders

Manage Back Ups Plans and Rescues

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Our Proposals Review & Vendors Evaluation Services

Evaluate Budget Estimates from Vendors

Evaluate Technical Propositions

Provide Pros/Cons Balance for Selected Proposals

Organize Bid Defenses

Provide Recommendation for final selection

Negotiate Deals

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Our Strategic Sourcing Services

Develop and Manage Procedures and Policies

Develop and Manage Vendor Selection Process

Manage Risk Mitigation

Analyse and Review Request for Proposals

Negotiate Budgets and Contracts

Project manager updating tasks and miles

Our Drug Development Services

Manage Operational and Business Development at C-Level

Support your drug development strategy

Analyse the Competitive Landscape

Estimate Drug Development Budgets

Develop a strategic sourcing plan

Drug and Product Development: Services
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